Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-393-4
Release Date: March 6, 2009

When your new secretive client has the same face as the lover in your most erotic dreams, it can only be . . . Destiny’s Guardian

Beth Winfield is an uptight real estate agent who prides herself on her dedication to her career. That is until she received a package from her maternal grandmother and learned she was appointed the next guardian of her family’s greatest secret, the Destiny Stone. Soon she finds herself plagued by nightmares and the most erotic dreams she’s ever had. Between stress at work, money troubles and lack of sleep, she’s sure her perfect life is about to fall apart. That is until her dream lover walks into her life.

Chad Turner runs his own business but knows he’s lacking greatly in the relationship department. His years of running an overseas contracting firm for the government, hasn’t helped in this area either. When an old friend calls asking for his help, he jumps at the chance. Not only is the job local, but it will get him out of the office. As he protects Beth, he realizes he’s falling in love with a woman who doesn’t believe in the greatest gift of all-love.

Now, it will be up to him, and not the stone, to prove to her that love isn’t a myth, but only if he can capture a killer before they are both destroyed.

**DESTINY’S GUARDIAN is the third novella in THE DESTINY STONE anthology being released as seperate novellas.

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There was a knock at the door connecting the bathroom to her bedroom and she jumped at the sudden noise.

“Hope you’re in the tub, because I’m coming in ready or not.”

Beth sank lower in the water and made sure the bubbles covered all the strategic locations. The door opened without another word and she momentarily lost her voice.

Chad’s black medium—length hair was slicked back, accentuating his strong angular face. The t-shirt and boots he was wearing earlier were missing. Leaving him only in wet, clingy jeans. Somehow today, she’d managed to overlook his broad shoulders and long legs, but now with them so nicely displayed, it was impossible to not look.

And now she saw that he was exactly as she’d seen him in those erotic dreams. But how could a stranger be so familiar? She met his gaze and the dark, heated look made the strands of arousal she’d kept tightly bound all day unfurl inside her. He needed to leave or she wasn’t sure what she might do.

“I’m sure you want to get home and change. Thanks for your help and please lock the front door behind you.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door jam. “My comfort is the least of my worries. How are you feeling?”

“Much better and well enough to be concerned about my guest. I’ll be all right. You can go. Really.”

He gave her a slow sexy smile. “I’m pleased to hear you’re feeling better. Think I’ll go out to my truck and retrieve some dry clothes.”

“You have clothes in your truck?”

“I was planning on staying in town tonight to get a feel of the place. The thought of an early morning run on the beach appealed to me.”

“Smart move, you should always research large investments.” She sank lower in the tub as his eyes strayed from hers across the bubble filled water. His eyes grew darker and she felt it all the way to her toes.

“You could join me in here after retrieving your clothes.” Oh man, did she actually say that out loud? The look on his face let her know she’d done just that. He straightened and walked slowly toward her causing her toes to curl.

She sank lower in the tub and started to babble. “What I meant was feel free to stay for a cup of coffee after you’ve changed. I’ll join you there. I didn’t mean…” Her words died on her lips as he placed one hand on each side of the tub and leaned down so he was only inches from her face.

“As tempting as your offer is, Ms. Beth Winfield, I’m going to pass tonight. After that crack to the skull you need your rest. Because when I do get you in bed with me I want you ready and able to enjoy a very long and exciting night.”

Leaning down he touched his lips to hers and she could feel the heat of the powerful physical attraction between them. Desire made her bold. Stretching up, she flicked her tongue across his lips. He responded by placing a hand at the back of her neck and opening to her. Their tongues danced together slowly and erotically while the water sloshed gently around her breasts. There was none of the frantic feelings, which often went with being together the first time. Instead this felt more like they’d been together forever. This was slow and sensual passion, the passion of long—acquainted lovers who knew what the other wanted.

The instant he moved away, she missed the feel of his lips on hers. She opened her eyes and met his intense green gaze. He cleared his throat but his voice still came out rough. “I better go get those clothes, and then I could use a cold shower.”

Beth focused on his words as she tried to gather her scattered thoughts. “There’s a bath down the hall, feel free to use it.”

He stood and the desire he felt was there on his face for her to see. “You need to rest, so stay in here as long as you need. Don’t rush on my account.”

She watched as he walked through the door back into the master bedroom. Her receptionist’s comment earlier in the day about Chad was an understatement. Every molecule in the man’s body was composed of one-hundred percent testosterone.

Living here on Coronado, she encountered military men all the time, men who carried themselves the same way Chad did. She’d even dated a few of them. These men were every bit as masculine as Chad, but none of them affected her the way he did.

Holding her breath, she submerged herself in the warm fragrant water and wondered if another cold dunk was the better option.


"You don't marry someone you can live with; you marry the person you cannot live without."--Unknown